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Saturday Soul-winning in Callao

I started out the door like every Saturday, looking forward to my 2 hour commute to the church in Callao.  Nothing unusual happened on the way.  Once I arrived at 10AM, I was greeted by Bro. Danilo, my soul-winning partner.  We folded up about 100 tracts, then headed out the door.  We walked back up to one of the main streets, passing out tracts along the way.  Bro. Danilo wanted to go visit a church member who lives about 10 minutes from the church.  He hailed the combi (a small VW-like van used for public transportation).  All the seats were taken, which meant standing room only for the 6 foot 2 inch tall white guy!  We were on our way, with my neck vertebrae bouncing against the ceiling all the way!  Lest you think I am complaining, I was praying silently for a seat to open up soon!  A kind-faced Peruvian lady moved her granddaughter out of a seat, and motioned for me to sit down.  While thanking her, I handed her a Gospel tract.  She told me she had been saved in a Christian Alliance church.  I was very grateful for the seat and the relief!  We arrived at our stop, then walked a couple of blocks to the church member’s house.  After that visit, we walked on down the street to a nearby park.  We were passing out more tracts along the way.  We met an older gentleman at the park, and Bro. Danilo offered to let me witness to him.  His name was Adolfo.  After witnessing to him for about 15 minutes, Adolfo suddenly asked me what I believed about the saints.  I told him I believed they were good people, but since we are all sinners, how could anyone be a saint if they weren’t already saved.  That seemed to satisfy him for the moment.  Adolfo is not from the Lima area.  He is here visiting from the Northern Region of Peru where he lives.  Please pray for Adolfo’s salvation.  He didn’t get saved while I was witnessing to him, but he did take a couple of extra tracts with him to give to his family.

In order to save money on combi fare, Bro. Danilo and I decided to walk back to the main intersection from where we were.  We had just about given out all our tracts, and were waiting for another bus to take us back to the church.  While we were waiting, we noticed a woman on the corner who was begging.  She was tied to a small log, crippled from the waist down.  At this moment, what would you have done?  She had bags of trash sitting next to her.  She appeared to be leaning on them for support.  A flash of resentment towards those who had left her there flashed through my mind.  It wasn’t the fist time I had seen her there.  Bro. Danilo gave her a coin and a Gospel tract.  We don’t know if she could even read it.  Offering to her what I could, I gave her the bottle of water I had with me.  Just then, our bus arrived.  We got in, and began passing out tracts like always.  We had only a few left from the 100 tracts with which we had started.  As I sat down, one of the ladies we had given a tract to offered me a 50 cent piece to pay for my fare.  I felt like it was a situation of casting your bread upon the waters.  We arrived back at the church.  We continued walking down the street to Bro. Danilo’s house.  Along the way, we encountered 2 men on the street corner drinking beer.  Bro. Danilo said that sometimes they offer it to him!  We offered each of them a Gospel tract.  The hardest of the two men asked, “Why do I want to have eternal life?  What am I going to do in eternity?  It sounds boring to me to sit around and worship God for thousands of years!”  My only response to him was, “Well, you can choose to go to Hell if you want to.  And you can stay in the lake of fire for eternity if you want.”  Perhaps none of this really had an effect on him, because he really was only looking for an opportunity to argue.

Perhaps for some, there should be a conclusion at this moment in my story.    But there isn’t.  This was an above-average day of soul-winning in Callao, Lima, Peru.