September 2017
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He said he was cooking!


Mommy's Super Hero


Running on her "train"!


The Knight and The Damsel








Our Hero Daddy


Our Little Lady and Our Little Man


Mommy and Martha


Daddy and Ian


Reading in 3-D Part 1


Reading in 3-D Part 2



13 Responses to “Photos”

  • (Ammaw) Bea Shirley:

    Absolutely love Martha’s hair cut! It looks so cute. Looks like you are all adjusting to life in Peru. I look forward to new pics.


  • arlene:

    nice kaayo ang pics!salamat kay ok! ra ang inyong situation diha, big girl na gyud si Martha ug thanks kay makacummunicate ko sa inyo. Love you!padayon lang gyud sa pag pray para sa amo ni Omar ug Agie nga makavisit mi diha this year.


  • Becky:

    Love the pic of Martha and Ian with Oso. She reminds me so much of Elaine in that picture! Looks like Ian’s broken leg has not kept him down very much. Love to all…

  • Diana Harris:

    Hello Sarah! I love the pics! We really miss you guys! Hope all of those choir practices with the your “Hitler” choir director are finally paying off :) Now you get to be the “Hitler”!! BTW, the choir did your song on choir tour. Wish you could see it, but so glad for you that you are there!

  • Nana Veteto:

    Keep the picture with Martha hugging Ian handy. Give it 5 years and they will need to be reminded SEVERAL times that they do actually love each other. :)

  • Love those pictures. It is not quite as good as seeing you all in person, but still very
    good. Love you, Grandma and Grandpa

  • Lisa Castano:

    Hi Sarah,

    This is Lisa Castano. My husband pastor’s First Baptist Church in Green Cove Springs, Florida. Your family stayed with us while presenting your ministry at our church. We were surprised to see how big Ian has grown. And Martha is just as cute as ever. We couldn’t find the pictures on the photo tab that has the rocking chair but would love to see them. Have you removed them? All the kids say “hello” or Hola! We have enjoyed reading the blog. Sorry to hear that Ian has a broken leg. We will pray it will heal soon. Have a great day and hope to hear from you soon.

    Lisa Castano and family

  • Dear Ones,……….How I love those pics! Praise our great God for answers to prayer – a rocking chair through the faith of a child…..Love & Hugs

  • (Ammaw) Bea Shirley:

    Now I know what Matt was talking about. Becky forwarded this to me and I love it. I added the website to my favorites, but please send me your updates too!


  • Rut:

    ¡Ay, qué lindo! Cuando deseamos algo, pediremos que Marta lo pida del Señor, de parte de nosotros. : )

  • Becky:

    I think my favorite picture is the one of you and the kids in the rocking chair! Always awesome to see God answer prayer, and to see the unquestioning faith of a child.

  • I love that picture of you with both kids in the rocker. Isn’t God so good?

  • Becky:

    Love the pics! Especially love the ones on hte slide where you can’t see their faces, lol! Praying for you daily! Love ya!

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