September 2017
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Our Wonderful Deaf Ladies

Our Wonderful Deaf Ladies!

The Lord has been growing the Deaf church in Callao.  It is a blessing to see our people grow little by little.  This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago.  I am enjoying teaching the ladies!  They are such a sweet group of ladies – we are learning together – they are teaching me their signs and I am teaching them the Bible!

Please pray for our Deaf in Callao.  Pray for their spiritual growth.  Pray for them as they struggle to stand against the pull of the world and old friends.  Pray for a firmness in their commitment to serve the Lord!

This past Sunday, we spent all day with our Deaf.  Matt and Hugo took a group to the soccer court nearby.  They were able to pass out lots of tracts and witness to several of the Deaf.  While they were there, they met the President of one of the Deaf Associations.  He gave them permission to come back and teach the Word of God to the Deaf during their breaks from playing soccer!  I am reminded of

I Corinthians 16:9 “For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.”

God is doing wonderful things in the lives of the Deaf in Callao.  It is exciting to know that God lets us have a part in His work!  It is even more exciting to look to the future and see all the blessings that God is waiting to pour out on these precious people.  They are learning to give – of their time, of their money, and of themselves.  One Sunday, Raul decided we needed to start taking up an offering.  Since that time, they have not failed to have an offering every Sunday.  With their offerings, we have been able to purchase a total of 5 chairs!  In the eyes of man, that may not seem like much, but in the eyes of God that is something great!

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support!  Someday in Heaven we will all get to rejoice together over all that God has done, is doing, and will continue to do!