September 2017
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Rejoicing in what the Lord is doing

Today I would like to share with you one of the ministries the Lord has given me this year.  Since March, I have been teaching Institute classes for the Deaf here in Efata.  I currently have 4 students.  So far this year we have covered topics such as Salvation Basics, Philosophy of Biblical Music, and History of the Bible.  This week, we finished up our classes for this year.  Classes will start again in March.


On Sunday, October 13,  I received a phone call from my wife.  Because of the pregnancy, she hasn’t been able to go with me to Callao.  Since church was starting when the call came in, I thought it was an emergency!  To my great relief, it wasn’t an emergency!  Sarah was calling me to tell me that Ian had just gotten saved!  It was hard to believe at first, and I was a little disappointed that I hadn’t been there.     I rejoiced with Sarah and Ian – in fact the whole Deaf church in Callao was rejoicing as well!  God has certainly been working in the life of our son!  We have seen a change in him!  God has also given him a boldness to declare to all who will listen, “I’m saved!”

“After a time of correction, Ian and I sat on the couch eating crackers.  I explained to him again what he had done wrong, and that just as Mommy forgave him, Jesus also forgave him.  In the course of our conversation, I asked Ian if he would like to ask Jesus to live in his heart.  I almost fell off the couch when he said, ‘Yes!’  I carefully explained salvation to him and asked him again if he wanted to be saved.  Again, without hesitation, he said, ‘Yes!’  I still wasn’t sure he understood what I was asking him, so I very carefully explained salvation once again, questioning him very carefully.  He seemed to understand, and when I asked him if he wanted to pray and ask Jesus to live in his heart, he sweetly bowed his head, asked Jesus to forgive him and come live in his heart!  How my heart soared with rejoicing!  It was just about time for church in Callao to start, but I knew I had to call Matt and tell him!  Martha wasn’t home at the time either.  She had gone downstairs to church.  When she came home, we told her that Ian had gotten saved.  She threw her arms around him and gave him a great big bear hug!  She was so excited!  What a special blessing it was for her to see God answer her prayers for her brother’s salvation!  It is such a joy to my heart to have him come to me now and say, ‘Jesus took my black away.  My heart is white now!’  How thankful I am that God has saved both my children so early in life!” – Sarah

Efata Baptist Church of Callao

God’s people in Callao continue to grow spiritually.  They are learning more and more of the Bible.  Some are learning how to read the Bible for themselves.  How privileged we are to be exactly where God wants us to be, doing exactly what He wants us to do – spreading the good news of the Gospel to the lost, teaching the saved, and seeing them grow to maturity in the Lord!